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Reisser Cutter Screws and Crate Mate Promotion.

Gatemaster Metal Gate Locks.

Bahco Hardpoint Saws.

Securefast Easy Change Code Locks.

Reisser Crate Mate Storage System.

Vision Door Handles by Perry.


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High-Quality Gun Expanding Foam Selection

Welcome to our extensive selection of premium gun expanding foam products. Whether you're working on construction projects or DIY endeavours, our range includes top brands such as Constructa-Pro, Everbuild, and Timco to meet your specific requirements.

Explore our collection to find adhesive foam, fire-resistant foam, and various other formulations tailored to different applications. From quick-fix solutions to heavy-duty projects, we have the right expanding foam for every task.

Ensure precise application with our selection of high-quality applicator guns. Choose from options like the Everbuild P65 Heavy Duty Foam Applicator Gun, Timco Economy PU Foam Applicator Gun, and Timco Professional PU Foam Applicator Gun for optimal performance and ease of use.

Whether you need to fill gaps, insulate, or seal surfaces, our gun expanding foam products offer reliability and durability, making them essential additions to your toolkit.

Shop now to experience the convenience and effectiveness of premium gun expanding foam solutions from trusted brands.

Multi-Purpose Sealants FAQ

What are the main types of gun expanding foam available?

Our range includes various types of gun expanding foam to suit different needs. You can find adhesive foam for bonding applications, fire-resistant foam for enhanced safety, and general-purpose expanding foam for filling gaps and insulation.

How do I choose the right applicator gun for my needs?

Consider factors such as the frequency of use, the type of foam being dispensed, and your budget. Our selection includes options ranging from economy models for occasional use to professional-grade guns for heavy-duty applications.

Can I use expanding foam to seal gaps and cracks?

Yes, expanding foam is excellent for sealing gaps and cracks around windows, doors, pipes, and other openings. It expands to fill irregular spaces, creating a tight seal that helps prevent drafts and moisture infiltration.

Is expanding foam suitable for fire-rated applications?

Absolutely. We offer fire-resistant expanding foam specifically designed for use in fire-rated applications. These products provide additional protection and help maintain the integrity of fire-rated structures.

How do I clean the applicator gun after use?

Cleaning the applicator gun is essential to maintain its performance and longevity. You can use a dedicated foam cleaner, such as the Timco PU Expanding Foam Cleaner, to remove foam residue from the gun and nozzle after each use. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

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