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Mitred Shelf Brackets

250 x 250mm Mitre Shelf Bracket White 3.63
£3.63 Inc VAT | £3.03 Ex VAT
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300 x 300mm Mitre Shelf Bracket White 4.05
£4.05 Inc VAT | £3.38 Ex VAT
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350 x 350mm Mitre Shelf Bracket White 4.83
£4.83 Inc VAT | £4.03 Ex VAT
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Mitred Shelving Brackets a strong heavy duty support in a stylish, slim and neat design.

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our mitred shelf brackets. These mitred brackets offer you a shelf bracket that can support more weight. Choose the right mitred shelf brackets for your shelving needs. Consider the depth of shelf, as you don't want too much overhang. The larger the bracket, the more leverage and therefore the weight capacity is lower. Explore the different sizes on offer and see how they can benefit your shelving support needs.

Mitred Shelf Brackets FAQ

What are mitred shelf brackets, and how do they differ from traditional shelf brackets?

Mitred shelf brackets are a type of shelf support designed with a sleek, angled shape that adds a modern touch to any shelving installation. Unlike traditional shelf brackets with straight arms, mitred brackets feature angled arms that provide both sturdy support and stylish aesthetics. This design not only enhances the overall look of the shelves but also offers a unique alternative to standard bracket options.

What materials are our mitred shelf brackets made from?

Our mitred shelf brackets are crafted from steel with a white anti-microbial coating.

Are mitred shelf brackets suitable for heavy-duty shelving applications?

Yes, mitred shelf brackets are designed to provide robust support for various shelving needs, including heavy-duty applications. When properly installed and paired with appropriate shelving materials, such as solid wood or metal, mitred brackets can accommodate considerable weight loads. It's essential to consider factors such as bracket size, material strength, and installation method to ensure the stability and safety of heavy-duty shelving installations.

Can mitred shelf brackets be used for decorative purposes only, or are they also functional?

While mitred shelf brackets certainly add a decorative element to shelving displays with their stylish design, they are primarily functional in providing support and stability to shelves. Whether used in residential or commercial settings, mitred brackets offer both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their space with stylish yet sturdy shelving solutions.

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