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Keyswift - Express Keys to Code. Key cutting service - cabinet keys, mortice keys & Yale type keys.

Reisser Cutter Screws and Crate Mate Promotion.

Gatemaster Metal Gate Locks.

Bahco Hardpoint Saws.

Securefast Easy Change Code Locks.

Reisser Crate Mate Storage System.

Vision Door Handles by Perry.


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Professional Markers & Paints for Every Job

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of professional markers and paints designed to meet the demands of industrial applications. Whether you're working on construction projects, conducting surveys, or need precision labelling, our range of high-quality products delivers exceptional performance and durability. Explore our selection of aerosol paints, paint markers, primer spray paints, permanent markers, whiteboard markers, and survey spot marker paints to find the perfect solution for your needs. Elevate your projects with precision and efficiency with our industrial-grade markers and paints.
  1. ProSolve Aerosol Paints: Discover our premium aerosol paints, including the ProSolve Bright Silver, Orange Hi-Vis, Pink Hi-Vis, and Yellow Hi-Vis fluorescent options. Designed for maximum visibility and durability, these paints are ideal for various applications.
  2. ProSolve Paint Markers: Enhance precision with our ProSolve paint markers. Available in white and yellow, these markers offer smooth application and long-lasting performance, perfect for intricate detailing and labelling tasks.
  3. ProSolve Primer Spray Paint: Ensure a smooth and lasting finish with our ProSolve Grey Primer Spray Paint. Formulated to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, this primer prepares surfaces for topcoat applications.
  4. ProSolve Zinc Galvanising Paint: Protect metal surfaces from corrosion with our ProSolve Silver Zinc Galvanising Aerosol Paint. This high-performance paint provides a tough and durable coating, extending the lifespan of your equipment and structures.
  5. Timco Permanent Markers: Choose from a variety of Timco permanent markers, including black chisel tip, fine tip, and mixed colour options. Designed for builders and professionals, these markers deliver bold, long-lasting marks on a variety of surfaces.
  6. Timco Whiteboard Markers: Stay organized and efficient with Timco Fine Tip Whiteboard Markers. Available in mixed colours, these markers offer smooth writing and easy erasability, making them perfect for presentations, brainstorming sessions, and more.
  7. Timco Survey Spot Marker Paint: Mark survey points with confidence using Timco Survey Spot Marker Paint. Available in white and yellow, this high-visibility paint provides clear and long-lasting markings, ensuring accurate measurements and easy identification.
Shop our selection of high-quality markers and paints today to elevate your projects to the next level.

Markers & Paints FAQ

What surfaces can I use ProSolve Aerosol Paints on?

ProSolve Aerosol Paints are suitable for a wide range of surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, and concrete.

Are Timco Permanent Markers suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, Timco Permanent Markers are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, making them ideal for construction sites and outdoor labelling tasks.

How long does it take for ProSolve Primer Spray Paint to dry?

ProSolve Primer Spray Paint typically dries to the touch within 15-30 minutes, depending on environmental conditions.

Can I use Timco Whiteboard Markers on glass surfaces?

Yes, Timco Whiteboard Markers can be used on glass surfaces, providing smooth writing and easy erasability.

Are ProSolve Paint Markers suitable for fine detailing work?

Yes, ProSolve Paint Markers are perfect for fine detailing and labelling tasks, offering precise application and long-lasting performance.

Do Timco Survey Spot Marker Paints fade over time?

No, Timco Survey Spot Marker Paints are formulated to provide clear and long-lasting markings, ensuring visibility over time.

Are the fluorescent colours of ProSolve Aerosol Paints UV resistant?

Yes, the fluorescent colours of ProSolve Aerosol Paints are UV resistant, maintaining their brightness even under sunlight exposure.

Can I apply ProSolve Zinc Galvanising Paint directly to metal surfaces?

Yes, ProSolve Zinc Galvanising Paint can be applied directly to metal surfaces to provide a protective and corrosion-resistant coating.

Are ProSolve Aerosol Paints suitable for indoor use?

Yes, ProSolve Aerosol Paints can be used indoors, providing vibrant colours and durable finishes on various surfaces.

How many markers are included in a pack of Timco Builders Permanent Markers?

Timco Builders Permanent Markers are available in packs of 2 or 4, depending on the specific product. Please check the product description for details.

Can I use Timco Whiteboard Markers on all whiteboard surfaces?

Timco Whiteboard Markers are compatible with most whiteboard surfaces, but we recommend testing on a small area first to ensure compatibility.

Do ProSolve Paint Markers require shaking before use?

Yes, it is recommended to shake ProSolve Paint Markers well before use to ensure proper mixing of the paint.

Are Timco Permanent Markers refillable?

No, Timco Permanent Markers are not refillable. Once the ink is depleted, the markers can be disposed of properly.

Can I apply Timco Survey Spot Marker Paint with a brush?

Yes, Timco Survey Spot Marker Paint can be applied with a brush for precise marking, in addition to using a spray applicator.

Are the fluorescent colours of ProSolve Aerosol Paints suitable for safety markings?

Yes, the fluorescent colours of ProSolve Aerosol Paints are highly visible, making them ideal for safety markings in industrial environments.

Do Timco Builders Permanent Markers have waterproof ink?

Yes, Timco Builders Permanent Markers feature waterproof ink that resists smudging and fading, ensuring long-lasting marks even in wet conditions.

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